FBI Enlists Israeli Firm Cellebrite to Unlock Shooter’s iPhone


A mobile software developer in Israel called Cellebrite has come out to help the FBI in their attempt of unlocking the iPhone at the San Bernardino center for shooter investigation. This will be a key development as many are trying to find the truth on exactly what happened after the events. The above reports are per the story Reuters filed this morning, following another report in last Wednesday’s copy of the Israeli daily newspaper called Yedioth Ahronoth. According to these reports, if the software company can succeed then, it would be useless for FBI to help Apple, since the job would have been completed after citing unnamed sources in the industry.


Reports from the website of Cellebrite claimed that “mobile forensics solutions” was to give access before unlocking the mobile data sources intelligence to extend investigative abilities by accelerating investigations, unifying investigative teams to produce solid evidence for the company. This was never achieved as planned prompting the company to seek other solutions that would speed up the operations.

Both Apple Company and the government of U.S. have been embroiled in hotly contested public battle that began when a court of appeal ordered Apple to assist the FBI unlock iPhone 5c of the terrorist Syed Farook. The process has been contagious with many reports of Unlocking the iPhone coming out as Apple trying to build a new iOS version that bypasses restrictions of iPhone passcode to provides the FBI with an easy way of entering passcodes electronically. Apple has always refused to do this citing the infringement of their rights.


On Monday this week, the U.S. Justice Department had convinced the court to oversee ongoing legal battle with Apple thus allowing them postpone its hearing that was scheduled to happen on March 22. The argument was that they had find a new way of ensuring the security is improved when they were operating in the industry. Many commentators on this case have always cast doubt on the original claim of FBI that it would exhaust all avenues by attempting to unlock iPhone of Farook; an idea that has been challenged by several security experts. This is likely to bring more issues on the public especially when the FBI is trying to use the Justice system to get access to vital information for the Apple Company.
While many may not have insider information on the events that unfolds, Daniel Kahn Gillmor has described this process as UCLA technology that uses a technique known as NAND mirroring that copies the phone’s memory portion that counts the passcode number attempts that has been entered. This can enable somebody to gain access to vital information that the phones keeps once it is retrieved.

Unless the algorithm is clear, this will be a court battle that would be hard for both parties given that no law in the US shields any of the parties from exhaustion by the other party. The judge who was involved in this high-profile case in California has made an agreement with parties to vacate the date March 22 hearing thus requesting the government to offer an update on the progress latest by April 5. This means that the motion that needs Apple to assist the FBI when locking the iPhone has also been suspended. Reports has it that Apple is going to insist on getting details about the FBI’s plans exploit should the US government keep this case going, otherwise, they will never ask for further information according to their spokesperson.


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